How to Prepare Your Home for Guests?

How to Prepare Your Home for Guests?

Well, we all like having guests at our place, don’t we? Given, those guests are people who we genuinely love spending time with. But preparing home before they arrive is such a stressful time. From checking if everything is done, orally reciting the list of tasks that were supposed to be done and constantly checking every room and place to make sure it is done.

I firmly believe that the process becomes stressful because we don't pre plan and directly dive into chores. Also, it is always what we can see that we focus on. Bed, tables, washroom, and kitchen everything that is visible has to be clean but we forget that they are going to stay so even things that are not visible as of now will matter too.

Here are a few things that I believe need to be taken care of before guests arrive to make sure they have a good experience and you prove to be a good host. 

Declutter Closets and Cupboards

Begin from here. Declutter closets and cupboards so that they can have some space for their belongings. They would probably need to unpack their suitcase and you cannot choose to make space after they ask you to. As a host, you should be prepared for something as basic as some space in the closet.

Get everything sorted

Get Everything Sorted

It is important to get everything fixed. From the fluctuating or not working lights to a plumbing issue that you have been facing for quite a few days. Call an emergency plumber in Solihull if anything needs to be fixed. Also, while you are at it, make sure you check everything in the guest room, especially in the bathroom, is working properly and if not, get it done.

Clean the Place

Now is the time to clean the place. Once you know you have everything well prepared for your guests, consider cleaning everything. Hire someone and get everything deep cleaned if you have time. Make sure while cleaning that even your furniture is well dusted. It is not just about the floor.

Stock Everything They Would Need

Stock Everything They Would Need

Once everything is neat and clean, stock up everything that your guests would need. Make their bed, put some pillows, cushions, and sheets, whatever you think they may need. Don’t forget to stock toiletries and fresh towels in the washroom. They are definitely going to need that.

Stock Your Kitchen

If they are going to stay, you will be in charge of their meals. Make sure you have everything that you would require to prepare meals they would like. Also, don’t forget to stock the basic munchies, chocolates, and instant foods if you plan to stay up all night. You will need them, we both know.

Go a Little Fancy

Go a Little Fancy

Now that you are done with your basics, you can invest your time in taking your hosting to another level. Switch on a diffuser, light a scented candle, put a few decorative pieces in the guest room, take out your most beautiful dining table cloth and crockery.

Be Available

This is a big one. As a host, you are supposed to be available for the guests. The last thing they would want is for you to be working for them in the kitchen while they are sitting in the living room. Prepare whatever you wish to serve when they arrive beforehand so that once they arrive you have everything sorted and you can just bring everything and sit with them.

The idea of inviting guests is to spend some quality time with them. That is what matters the most. But yes basic cleaning and preparing the place for their comfortable stay is important too. It is better to do the basic stuff and be available for them than do everything fancy and barely have time to spend with them. Set your priorities accordingly.